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Doctors Hospital Brings Golf To Its Patients During Masters Week

March 30, 2012

Augusta, GA – It’s not just the Augusta National who will be showcasing golf during Masters week, Doctors Hospital will also be using the game to entertain and help patients recover.

“We know that being in the hospital while others are out on the course watching golf is no fun, that’s why we try to bring the game to our patients,” says Dean Beasley, Director of Inpatient Rehab at Doctors Hospital.  “Especially during Masters Week, we bring out our putting green and make sure the Nintendo Wii golf game is ready to go for our patients.”

Rehabilitation can be very painful for some patients when it comes to stretching and strengthening muscles that may otherwise be weak.  Nintendo Wii, donated to the Inpatient Rehab department in 2010, has become a staple that many patients are using in their recovery.  In addition to the Nintendo Wii, the putting green set up for patients helps them with their fluid movements.

“This is a big golf community and we know our patients want to get back to what they love to do most.  I think many spirits are lifted when they begin rehab and realize that they can start practicing their golf swing again before they even step out of the hospital, says Beasley.”