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Doctors Hospital "Going Green"

January 11, 2012


Augusta, GA  - It’s estimated that every day across America, a healthcare facility can generate up to 25 pounds of waste per patient per day.  Doctors Hospital is helping to change that number by Going Green.

Recently, the implementation of a new recycling program through Stericycle®, a medical waste disposal company, has helped Doctors Hospital increase the percentage of materials recycled.  More than 100 new recycling bins have been placed throughout the hospital.  Everything except for foam and food waste can be placed in these bins.  Once full, the bins are emptied into a separate compactor on the Doctors Hospital campus.  From there, the compactor contents are transported to a sorting/recycling center. 

“Knowing that we are helping to reduce waste in the hospital and help the Earth in some way is a really good feeling,” says Brad Thompson, Director of Hospital Safety & Security at Doctors Hospital.

In 2008, Doctors Hospital began helping to reduce carbon emissions by switching to a proactive service utilizing reusable sharps containers that prevent a significant amount of cardboard and plastic from going to the landfill each year. To achieve this goal, the hospital implemented the Sharps Management System using Bio Systems reusable containers.

“We have significantly decreased our carbon footprint since implementing the new Sharps Management System as well as our new recycling program.  The numbers don’t lie and with the help of our staff and awareness that has been raised around our facility, we know those numbers will only increase in 2012,” says Thompson. 

Doctors Hospital’s Annual Emission Savings since 2008:

Pounds of CO2 emissions prevented: 54,791

Pounds of plastic kept out of landfills: 94,021

Pounds of cardboard kept out of landfills: 3,964

CO2 emissions prevented equal to not burning this many gallons of gasoline: 2,822

CO2 emissions prevented equal to not using this many tanks of propane gas for barbeques: 772