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Doctors Hospital Patient’s Near Death Experience To Be Featured on Series Premier of new Discovery Fit & Health TV show

September 07, 2012

Augusta, GA – Nearly one year ago, Doctors Hospital patient, Craig Harrison, was fighting for his life because of one small french fry.  Now, the whole country will see his incredible survival and journey back to health.  On Saturday, September 8th at 10pm ET/PT, Craig Harrison, and his physicians, Dr. Philip Catalano, cardiothoracic surgeon, and Dr. Sunil Lal, gastroenterologist, will  be featured on the series premier of the  new television series, I Was Impaled airing on the Discovery Fit & Health network. 

Craig’s story began when he and his family were eating at a fast food restaurant and he choked on a french fry.  He attempted to cough up the fry but in the process tore his esophagus allowing food contents to flood his chest cavity, nearly killing him.  Craig remained in Doctors Hospital’s ICU for months before he was moved to the inpatient rehab unit where he had to regain the strength to accomplish daily activities.

After learning about Craig’s story in The Augusta Chronicle, producers from Discovery Fit & Health inquired further and eventually chose his story to air on their new program.  A film crew flew from London in April where they spent 2 full days in Augusta, filming the hospital and recreating Craig’s story through interviews with the Harrison family and Doctors Hospital physicians. 


Air Dates:

Saturday, September 8th, 10pm ET/PT

Saturday, September 8th, 1am ET/PT

Saturday, September 29th, 8pm ET/PT

Saturday, September 29th, 11pm ET/PT