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Heart Screenings Help Promote Good Health As World Heart Day Nears

September 27, 2012

Augusta, GA – Heart disease remains the number one killer among women with one fatality occurring every minute.  Doctors Hospital recognizes that preventative measures can be taken to significantly decrease this startling statistic. As World Heart Day approaches, Doctors continues to introduce new screenings to the community which may help prevent premature, and unnecessary, deaths.

World Heart Day, September 29th, provides an opportunity to raise awareness and encourage individuals, families, communities and governments to take action to reduce the burden of heart disease and stroke.

“We are big advocates of helping our community stay heart healthy, especially with the numbers as high as they are for women.   The heart screenings we offer are ones that we feel confident could help prevent more fatalities,” Elizabeth Lamb, Director of Sports Medicine/Rehab Health Centers/Occupation Medicine.

Preventative screenings offered at Doctors Hospital:


Of the more than 750 women who have received an AngioScreen®, more than 18% of them have been identified as having plaque in their carotid arteries.  This simple, non-invasive vascular screening is designed to provide information about heart rhythm, neck and leg arteries, blood pressure, and body mass index.  The patient receives ultrasound images of their carotid arteries where they can clearly see any blockages or buildup of plaque clinging to an artery wall motivates them to improve their cardiovascular health in a way numbers such as cholesterol and triglyceride levels simply cannot.  This revolutionary new screening is the first step in early detection of vascular disease.  For more information or to schedule: (706) 651-4343.

Cardiac screening to help predict the risk of sudden death in young athletes:

Doctors Hospital offers the first and only screening of its kind in the area, helping to detect underlying cardiac problems in athletes, ages 12 – 22, before they present themselves.  The one-hour non-invasive diagnostic screening includes an electrocardiogram and limited echocardiogram designed to uncover important cardiac conditions that may go undiscovered in regular sports physical examinations because they do not have any symptoms.  For more information or to schedule: (706) 651-4343.