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More Students Giving Back During Their Summer Break

June 27, 2011

Augusta, GA  – Summer break is something every student looks forward to every year, but Doctors Hospital is seeing more of them giving up their break to help others.

The Junior Volunteer Program has been in the works for 37 years at Doctors Hospital and every year more and more students sign up to be part of it.  “We now have a waiting list for students because so many of them would rather volunteer during their summer months instead of working for pay,” says Bart Grey, Manager of Volunteer Services at Doctors Hospital. 

Within the hospital about 15 departments use the nearly 55 volunteers in the program.  The students enrolled are high school students ranging from ages 14 to 17.  Each student is given an experience that they will likely never forget.  “These students don’t just observe, some have seen babies being born while others have been in an ICU room when a patient has coded,” says Grey.  “We try to involve the students as much as possible because we know they are excited to learn, that’s why they are here.” 

Many of the students are repeats of the program, but more importantly, it’s helped them decide whether or not they want to have a career in healthcare.  However, students aren’t the only ones who benefit from the program.  Nurses and staff receive an extra helping hand during their day that they wouldn’t otherwise have. 

The volunteer program is run Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm.  Each student’s schedule determines what department they will work in and how many hours per week they can work.  The shortest amount of hours worked are four while some choose to work as many as thirty hours during the week.  The program began the first week of June and will end July 29th.