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New Healthy Food Guidelines Already in Place at Local Hospital

June 02, 2011

Augusta, GA  – It is said that healthcare workers can be some of the unhealthiest people in America, but at Doctors Hospital changing that perception has always been a major goal.  

Thursday, the U.S. Government unveiled its new $2 million healthy guidelines plate.  Different from the food guide pyramid, the new look is trying to help show people what their plates should look like, full of veggies, fruits and whole grains.  “At Doctors Hospital, this has been a top priority from the start,” says new executive chef, Greg Mueller.  “No matter what, we always offer a salad bar, whole and cut up fruit, as well as a slew of colorful vegetables.”

While it is important to keep the staff healthy by offering healthy alternatives to the greasy, fast food that is all around us, the patients who stay within the hospital receive the same options.  Each patient who stays in the hospital will receive a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu specific to his/her dietary needs.  “Just like our staff try to be healthy, we know our patients want the same thing so they can heal faster.  Food fuels your body, and we make sure that the menus we put together for each of our patients are ones that meet a healthy lifestyle,” says Johanna Whisenhunt, Clinical Nutrition Manager for Doctors Hospital.

No matter what your age may be it is never too late to start eating right and exercising your body to stay healthy.  “These new guidelines are ones that many of us have known and have been following for years, but there are still some who do not so hopefully this new look will help change that,” says Whisenhunt.  “People are always going to make unhealthy decisions, we all do it, but our goal is to give as many healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner so that they are not as tempted,” says Mueller.