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New Mothers and Babies Receive More Privacy

April 25, 2011

Augusta, GA – The first days are some of the most important for new mothers and their babies, and now Doctors Hospital is helping to make it even better with nap time.

Beginning Monday, “Do Not Disturb” signs will be posted on the doors that enter into the Women’s Center.  From 3pm – 5pm, the new mother will have time to breastfeed or nap, uninterrupted, and without the guilt of turning away their friends and family.  “The goal is to give the mother the privacy she needs and the time that she needs to bond with her new baby,” says Annette Repko, Director of Doctors Hospital Women Services. 

According to a recent study, in can be harder for mothers to learn to breastfeed with continuous interruptions.  Lack of sleep can also play a major role in postpartum depression.  This same study found that on average, between 8am and 8pm, mothers received 54 phone calls or visits, each lasting about 17 minutes.

While nap time is not mandatory, it is something that doctors and nurses are highly encouraging their patients to take advantage of, knowing both mother and baby need it.  “This initiative has been extremely well received and we know that it will make a difference for these mothers and their babies,” says Repko.