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Stroke Awareness Month Focuses On Preventative Screening

May 10, 2011

Augusta, GA – It’s the third most common cause of death in the U.S. behind heart disease and cancer, yet still many Americans don’t know they’re at risk of having a stroke.  

Exclusive to our area, Doctors Hospital is performing AngioScreen®, a non invasive screening that can detect risk factors for stroke.  About 600 people have been screened in the Augusta area, and of those more than 27% discovered they had plaque buildup in their carotid arteries.  If that plaque ruptures, it can cause clots which block blood flow to your brain, leading to a stroke.  

“I have seen firsthand, the way this screening can help save lives,” says Kathy Henderson, Director of AngioScreens ® for Doctors Hospital.  “On average, every 40 seconds someone has a stroke and that is a frightening statistic that we hope to change.”  Henderson takes her mobile unit to different places every week, including major local corporations for employee screening.  

The process of an AngioScreen® is a simple one that takes about 10 minutes to conduct.  The participant removes their socks and shoes and lies flat on a treatment table.  The vascular screening is performed by the staff and is designed to provide you with information about your heart rhythm, neck and leg arteries, blood pressure, abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, and body mass index.  Immediately after your AngioScreen® you will receive a color ultrasound picture and digital record showing a picture of your carotid arteries for you to share with your physician.

If you are interested in sharing this procedure with your audience, one that could potentially save their life, we will conduct an AngioScreen on your reporter to show just how simple the screening really is.

Community screenings are available every Monday in June for anyone wanting to know if they’re at risk for a stroke or peripheral vascular disease.  For a complete listing of dates and locations, visit our calendar or call Consult-A-Nurse at 706-651-4343.