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What is Traditional Bronchoscopy? What are its limitations?

Bronchoscopy is a procedure that enables a physician to examine the major air passages of the lungs through a thin lighted tube called a bronchoscope. This allows the physician to evaluate the lungs and collect small tissue samples (biopsy) to diagnose lung disease and lung cancer. Traditional bronchoscopy however, cannot reach the distant regions of the lung and often more invasive surgical procedures are needed to make a diagnosis. This increases the risk of complications for patients.

superDimension™ i-Logic™ System

When an abnormal finding or lesion in the distant part of the lung has been found on an X-ray, CT-Scan or PET-CT Scan it may be caused by infection, inflammation or cancer.  The i-Logic™ System by superDimension offers a minimally invasive technology that allows your physician to take tissue samples from the lung earlier and potentially more safely than traditional bronchoscopy.  It is also an option for patients who suffer from poor lung function and are not candidates for other more invasive surgical diagnostic procedures.

What are the benefits of superDimension™?

superDimension (also referred to as electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy) provides the ability to detect lung cancer and lung disease earlier, even before symptoms are evident, enhancing treatment options for patients.

Similar to GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy creates a three-dimensional virtual “roadmap” of the lungs from the patient’s CT-Scan that enables the physician to steer a unique set of catheters through the lungs to reach the targeted lesion(s) in a minimally invasive manner.

Electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy can be used with a wide-range of patients even those who suffer from poor lung function or have had cancer surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy.

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