Joseph M. Still Burn Center

Visitation Policy

Scheduled Visiting Hours

9am – 9:30am
12pm – 1pm
5pm – 5:30pm
8:30pm – 9:30pm

  • Visitors are restricted to immediate family only.
  • Visitors must be age 13 or older.
  • No food, live flowers, or live plants are permitted in Burn ICU rooms

Note: 4-West is an extension of the Burn Unit. All visitation policies are the same unless authorized by the physician or 4-W staff. Please use the buzzer at the door to the Burn Unit that corresponds with your family member's room number, then tell the responding staff member who you want to visit.

Family visits are encouraged by the Burn Center to boost morale and give psychological suppor to the patient during their stay in the facility. Visitors from family and loved ones are both important to the patient and to those who are visiting. However, the physical care of the patient must take priority over any other consideration.

The treatment of a critically injured burn/wound patient can be a very complex and time consuming process. Appropriate wound care is crucial and demanding, sometimes requiring several hours for each patient. Once a treatment has been started, it cannot be stopped until completed. For this reason, visitation times may be delayed or postponed until the next scheduled visiting time. Family members are asked to be understanding and cooperative at these times.

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