Human Motion Institute

Minimally Invasive Total Disc Replacement

Preserving motion with minimally invasive spine procedures

Chronic low back and leg pain often is a result of the deterioration of the flexible discs between the vertebrae in your lower back. The loss of disc height creates pressure upon the nerve roots and/or spinal cord - resulting in chronic lower back pain and/or pain, numbness, or weakness in the legs. This condition is know as degenerative disc disease(DDD).

Spine surgeons at the Human Motion Institute at Doctors Hospital are enrolling patients in a nationwide clinical research study of the XL TDR total disc replacement device - an investigational device currently being evaulated for its safety and effectiveness in the treatment of DDD. The XL TDR is designed to relieve the painful symptoms of DDD, while preserving motion in your back. The XL TDR is implanted through a minimially invasive lateral (side) approach. The benefits of the surgical approach have been proven in years of clinical experience. If you are 18 - 70 years old and match other required criteria, you might be eligible to participate in this clinical research study. Participants enrolled in this study and receiving the investigational device will not be responsible for any of the medical costs associated with the study.

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