Coaches' Handbook

This handbook, including a CD-ROM, is designed to assist coaches with basic first aid, heat illness prevention, emergency action plan, and taping techniques.

The sections of the manual are as follows:

  1. Defining the role and educations of a Certified Athletic Trainer 
  2. What Should I do with an Injured Athlete? 
  3.  Basic First Aid Techniques 
  4.  Supplies for a Training Kit 
  5.  Heat Related Injuries 
  6.  Emergency Action Plan 
  7.  General Guidelines for Concussions 
  8. Taping Techniques (with pictures) - arch, ankle, wrist, thumb, hip spica, shoulder spica

Each handbook contains a CD-ROM PowerPoint presentation with:

  1. Additional general injury information 
  2. Information with pictures and directions for common injuries, treatment, and rehabilitation of the ankle, knee, and shoulder. 
  3. Additional information on wound care, concussions, and emergency plans.

If you would like a copy of the Coaches' Handbook with the CD-ROM, call the Rehab Health Centers at 706.651.2270 or email John Ellis with your information (name, address, organization, etc.).