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Incontinence & How to Manage It

There are many pluses to being a woman. There can also be drawbacks—conditions such as incontinence due to childbirth or menopause that can cause you to avoid certain activities for fear of experiencing embarrassing accidents.  Stress incontinence, or leaking with coughing and straining, is common and until recently, women who suffered from this condition had to undergo invasive surgery requiring long hospital stays, long recoveries and a great deal of discomfort postoperatively. Thanks to modern technology, the current treatment now offers a minimally invasive procedure where a tiny incisions are made and a pelvic sling inserted inside the urethra.

This procedure offers many benefits including very short hospital stays (usually overnight), short recoveries (one to two weeks) and minimal pain and discomfort for the patient. Additionally, the research indicates that over ten years, the sling is 90% effective and can be a viable, permanent solution to the problem.

While the pelvic sling is used only for stress incontinence, Doctors Hospital offers expert women's diagnostics services, new minimally invasive incontinence procedures, and a medical team that specializing in correcting all types of incontinence so you feel free again to enjoy the activities you want and need to do.

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