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Doctors Hospital of Augusta

Emergency Care Testimonials

Craig’s Story

Craig Harrison and Family

“Thanks to the expert care I received throughout my stay, I’m enjoying what matters most.”

When a French fry became lodged in my throat, a fun family outing became a life or death situation. I was rushed to the Emergency Department at Doctors Hospital and was immediately whisked into surgery. They saved my life. Because my injury was so severe, I was admitted to the Inpatient Rehab Unit at Doctors to fully recover and regain my strength. Thanks to the expert care I received throughout my stay, I’m enjoying what matters most – my family.

  • Craig, Emergency Department and Inpatient Rehabilitation Patient

Lisa’s Story

Lisa and Nicholas

“As a mom I know what’s best for my children and when my son, Nicholas, got sick, I knew Doctors was where we needed to go.”

When my son Nicholas was ill, I knew he needed treatment fast. I chose the Emergency Department at Doctors Hospital because I knew I could expect him to be treated with quality care and dignity. Nicholas was made to feel comfortable and was never nervous or frightened and that means the world to me. I can confidently say that the Emergency Department at Doctors pair’s efficiency with quality and that equals excellence. Each staff member treated Nicholas in a timely fashion while being kind. Doctors is truly a gem in our community.

  • Lisa, Mother of Emergency Department patient, Nicholas

Allison’s Story

Allison and Richard

“Doctors Hospital gave me the opportunity to marry my best friend.”

When I arrived at Doctors the day Rich had his heart attack, he was already prepped and ready to go into surgery. I don’t remember too much from that day as much of it was a panicked blur! I do know that I was allowed to see Rich for a few seconds before he was rushed into surgery, and that meant so much to me. I needed to see him in that moment.

In the days that followed, I experienced a bedside manner at Doctors that I have not seen at other hospitals. Everyone was so kind and caring and really made an effort to help me be ok during this scary, uncertain time. While they set realistic expectations, I was told numerous times to have faith and keep positive. I really needed to hear that. We bonded with the staff so much so that Maria, one of the ICU nurses, even came all the way to Charleston for our wedding in May! I never would have had the chance to marry my best friend if it weren’t for Doctors.

  • Allison, Wife of Richard, Emergency Room/Cardiac Patient

Michael’s Story

Michael infront of the ER

“As a paramedic, I know what to do in an urgent situation. Doctors did everything right and I could not have asked for better care.”

When I went to the Emergency Department at Doctors Hospital I was in unbearable pain and needed relief. Upon arrival, I was seen within moments and soon after was taken to a patient care room. My nurse, Lisa, was more than I could ask for � she was kind, compassionate and attentive to my needs. I truly appreciated that everyone was concerned about my comfort, for example, knowing the room was cold I received warm blankets and was checked on about every ten minutes. When you’re in pain, little things matter and Doctors understands that.

  • Michael, Emergency Room Patient