Augusta, GA – Pat Madray of Evans truly defines inspiration, motivation and living well.  Despite her cancer diagnosis over a decade ago, Pat always caries her contagious positive outlook to the Autumn Care Adult Day Center, where she is owner and president.
Pat’s focus isn’t on her cancer and her cancer battle also isn’t the reason for this Living Well Award.  According to her friends and coworkers, Pat instead focuses on her faith and the importance it has on her personal life.  She begins each day with bible study, prayer, stretching and yoga.

At home, Pat is a wife and a mother to two teenagers, and sometimes many more.  She centers her family on faith and carries that forward as a caregiver for her father, who is undergoing treatment for a brain tumor, and to her mother-in-law.

In the community, Pat places prominence on giving, positive focus and especially on finding humor.  She’s always willing and regularly speaks to different groups or to individuals on living life with grace and faith.  She taught a six-week class, “Powerful Tools for the Caregiver,” at Warren Baptist Church.   

Pat embodies living well.  Her friends say she makes the conscious effort to live her life well and not as someone who has experienced health set-backs.  To her coworkers, Pat sees life as a glass not half empty or even half full, but filled to the brim and she’d be eager to share a cup with you! 

Living Well, a health initiative aimed at improving the health status and knowledge of the CSRA community, is seeking nominations for the Living Well Award. This award recognizes individuals who encourage others through their own daily living to live well.

The nomination process is easy and takes just a few minutes. Visit and click on the Living Well Awards. Then, just let us know who you are, how we can reach you, the name of your nominee, how you know the nominee and what they do that inspires others to Live Well.

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