Augusta, GA - Urinary incontinence is something many women experience, but that they reluctantly discuss with others, including their physicians. However, there are treatment options to give women back the freedom they once had.

Incontinence is the involuntary release of urine from the bladder. It’s a condition that women may face as they pass through their childbearing years and into menopause.

Doctors Hospital in partnership with Nashville-based MBC & Associates and the Georgia Center for Pelvic Health has produced a video airing on YouTube highlighting treatment options available to women. The video, CSI Augusta, takes a lighthearted look at this serious subject. It features urogynecologist Dr. Sean Francis of the Georgia Center for Pelvic Health. Francis is the area’s only fellowship-trained urogynecologist.

Women’s tendency to shy away from talking about urinary incontinence can cause them unnecessary worry and limit their ability to obtain treatment, says Dr. Sean Francis, a fellowship trained urogynecologist at the Georgia Center for Pelvic Health.

“This video is one more way of reaching out to women to let them know they do not have to live with incontinence. Incontinence can restrict women’s daily activities and has been shown to negatively affect “quality of life” in several studies, but it can often be treated and in some cases completely resolved. There are options to give women the freedom to live without worry,” says Dr. Francis.

About The Georgia Center for Pelvic Health: The Georgia Center for Pelvic Health is the region's only comprehensive urogynecology center dedicated solely to the care of women with pelvic problems. Dr. Sean Francis is a nationally known, board certified, fellowship-trained urogynecologist who cares for women from all over the southeast. Dr. Francis works with his friendly and professional staff to diagnose and treat both common and complex problems that women deal with such as urinary incontinence and pelvic floor prolapse.

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