Augusta, GA – Women’s tendency to shy away from talking about urinary incontinence can cause them unnecessary worry and limit their ability to obtain treatment, says Dr. Sean Francis, a fellowship trained urogynecologist at Doctors Hospital.

Dr. Francis will present a free seminar “Learn about the ‘Leak’ and How to Fix It!” at 11:30 a.m. Friday, January 22, at the h2u building, 1305 Interstate Parkway, on the Doctors Hospital campus.

Urinary incontinence is the loss of voluntary bladder control. There are different types of incontinence, such as stress urinary incontinence and overactive bladder. It affects millions of men and women, but women are more commonly affected, according to Dr. Francis.

The first step is to discuss such issues with a physician trained in dealing with such matters. For some people, behavioral modifications, such as Kegel exercises, reducing intake of caffeine, eating a healthy diet to avoid constipation, and losing weight can help. However, for others medicine and, or surgery are appropriate treatments.

“Incontinence can restrict women’s daily activities and has been shown to negatively affect “quality of life” in several studies, but it can often be treated and in some cases completely resolved. There are options that will give women the freedom to live without worry,” says Dr. Francis.

There is no charge to attend the seminar, but space is limited. To attend or for more details call, 706-651-671. The deadline to register is January 19.