Our Hiring Process

You can search for open positions at Doctors Hospital without registering. However, to apply for a position, you will want to upload a current résumé (and cover letter or certification documents if applicable) and provide information to let us know who you are and how you qualify for the position you are seeking. Once you have completed this process, you can apply for as many positions as you like.

A Doctors Hospital recruiter reviews all applications submitted, and contacts the applicants who are best suited for the position. For most nursing and allied health positions, your first contact will be from a recruiter. The recruiter will conduct a brief screening interview on the phone. Our purpose is to find the best candidates for the job. The recruiter should be able to tell you at the end of that conversation whether you are going on to the next level, but it’s not always certain.

The next step will be an appointment for an interview with the nursing manager in the unit where you will work. You will want to do your best in this interview, but not stress over it—we’re looking for the ”real“ you, the person we’re going to work with for the next few years. Feel free to ask questions about the role, the unit, and the team as we want this to be a long-term fit for YOU as well as for Doctors Hospital.

What happens next depends on the position for which you are interviewing. Sometimes you will meet with a few of the other people with whom you will be working. In some cases, you will meet with another manager.

If we have chosen a different candidate, you may receive a letter or email informing you of our decision. Please do not take this as a rejection—anyone who has been asked to attend a live interview likely meets our basic requirements. Continue searching jobs at Doctors-Hospital.net and apply when you see one you feel you qualify for.

Most positions remain open until someone is hired. You can search for the position using the job number to see if it is still open. If you are not contacted for that particular position, feel free continue searching jobs at Doctors-Hospital.net to apply for others. Your profile and information remain in our system for one year after each application. Please feel free to update your application as needed. We appreciate your desire to become a member of our team at Doctors Hospital and look forward to working with you.

Download Our Hiring Process Brochure

Tips for Getting Hired

  • Be on time. We’re looking for people we can depend on. Your interview is an opportunity to show that you can be at work on time, every time.
  • Dress appropriately. Scrubs are appropriate for most jobs in health care, but a job interview is a business appointment. Business casual (slacks or skirt with a button-up blouse for women, slacks and a dress shirt for men) is adequate for most non-managerial positions. Business dress (a suit) is important for a managerial position.
  • Connect the dots. You know your experience and training. In the interview, it will be important to help us connect your history with the job requirements.
  • Show us your spirit. If the people who work at Doctors Hospital have anything in common, it’s that we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. We’re looking for people who share our interest in providing excellent patient service. If you genuinely care about people, be sure to show it in the interview.
Download Our Hiring Tips Brochure