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Going to a hospital can be a scary experience for some, especially after a diagnosis. At Doctors Hospital we understand that and want our patients to have a comforting and pleasant experience from diagnosis to discharge and everything in between.

We know that often the most stressful times in a person's life come when they or a family member is ill with a chronic disease or catastrophic illness. Patients may be alone, confused, and suddenly facing an unfamiliar world of providers, tests, and treatment options. Some are unfamiliar with seeking medical care, struggle to understand medical information, and may face financial pressures or cultural barriers.

To help our patients and caregivers understand the sometimes confusing world of healthcare, Doctors Hospital has implemented a Patient Navigator program to help you every step of the way. The goal is to have seamless, coordinated care. Whether this assistance comes in the form of scheduling an appointment, answering questions about treatment, or further explanation of a diagnosis or treatment plan, our Patient Navigators are here for you.

Brenda McGarr, RN - Cancer Care Center

Brenda McGarr, RN is here to help you get the answers you need. With more than 12 years of healthcare experience, Brenda serves as a vital resource to cancer patients and their families. As a patient navigator for the Cancer Care Center, Brenda assists patients with referrals, appointments, as well as helping to locate necessary resources. In addition to educating the patient, Brenda is active in educating the community as a whole. With a background in chemotherapy administration and Case Management, she has an intense passion for helping cancer patients receive all the information and support they need to help heal their body, mind and spirit.


Brenda McGarr
Phone: (706) 651-4567

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