Shymeka's Story

I Was Battling Two Different Cancers; I Don't How I Would Have Done It Without Doctors Hospital.

Shymeka Lewis, Breast and Mouth Cancer Survivor
Shymeka Lewis, Breast and Mouth Cancer Survivor

Battling cancer is hard enough, but when you find out you are battling two different types at the same time, it becomes even harder. At first, my husband and I were very concerned about where we were going to receive treatment in my fight for survival. After talking with my physician and meeting the staff at Doctors Hospital, we knew that I was in the right hands. Every time I arrived for treatments, the staff made it a point to make sure I was always as relaxed and comfortable as possible. During such a scary time in my life, having that reassurance that they cared and that I mattered, was exactly what I needed. Simply put, Doctors Hospital is the best hospital for cancer treatment.

Susan's Story

This is my third time battling cancer, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for treatment.

Susan Cooley, Two Time Breast Cancer and Lung Survivor
Susan Cooley, Two Time Breast Cancer and Lung Survivor

I am a two time breast cancer survivor and now I am battling lung cancer. The care that I’ve received from the clinical staff and nurses at Doctors Hospital has been exceptional. With chemotherapy and radiation treatments, I feel confident that all of the cancer has been removed. I put my trust in God - He has a plan for everything. Part of that plan was putting me in the care of the experts at Doctors Hospital. I truly believe they have the best doctors in the CSRA and I thank them for helping cure me, again.

Linda's Story

I was afraid to begin the treatment process, but that fear evaporated when I met the staff at Doctors Hospital.

Linda Grantin, Breast Cancer Survivor
Linda Grantin, Breast Cancer Survivor

What I appreciate most about the friendly staff at Doctors Hospital was that they took the time to fully explain in simple terms what I would experience when it came to radiation treatment. I was very nervous at the beginning of this process, but they made it a point to explain everything, even how the machine works so I wouldn’t have to be afraid of it. They made me feel very comfortable; something I didn’t realize was possible at that time in my life. One thing I will always remember is the treatment completion certificate I received when I finished the whole course of my treatment. It’s a reminder to me that I accomplished this, that I’m a survivor, that I made it through.

Sandra's Story

I thought I was alone, but the staff at Doctors Hospital held my hand through my treatment.

Sandra Barton, Tonsil Cancer Survivor
Sandra Barton, Tonsil Cancer Survivor

When I was diagnosed with tonsil cancer and went in for my first treatment, I was scared to death. I didn’t know what to expect. The staff at Doctors Hospital listened to me and helped ease my worries. I knew that they were concerned for me and were caring about helping me through this. Everyone from the receptionist to the nurses and doctors were very attentive and made sure to answer all of my questions. They explained everything in detail to me to make sure I understood the treatment process. I am very thankful for the team at Doctors Hospital, they helped me every step of the way.

Louis's Story

I wasn’t just a number to the staff; I was a patient who was treated with the utmost respect.

Colonel (Retired) Louis K. Sylvester, Prostate Cancer Survivor
Colonel Louis K. Sylvester, Prostate Cancer Survivor

I knew from the minute I walked into the Doctors Hospital Cancer Center that I was in good hands. The staff treated me with professionalism and respect, and I truly appreciated it. From the front office personnel to the nursing staff, technicians who administered my external beam radiation and to my physicians, they couldn’t have made me feel more at ease. Drs Jerry and Jed Howington and their assistant, Mr. Chris Hall, were outstanding in their bedside manners and counseling. Nurses Dana and Ann were excellent, technician Don and the other techs were great. The front office staff of Kristy, Lynn and Teresa were cordial, welcoming and cheerful, making this a great experience. They were very flexible with helping to change appointment times to fit my busy life. I am completely satisfied with the treatment I received at Doctors Hospital and I trust them with my health without any hesitation.

Mary's Story

The staff always made sure I was comfortable, helping me to relax during a stressful time.

Mary Bean, Breast Cancer Survivor
Mary Bean, Cancer Survivor

The doctors and therapists at Doctors Hospital were wonderful. They were very supportive and stayed positive which helped me to get through this very tough time in my life. Every time I received treatment, music would be playing in the room which made for a more comfortable and soothing atmosphere; something I needed. I want to thank all of the staff for the wonderful care they gave me. I would certainly recommend Doctors Hospital to anyone who is battling cancer.