Emergency Department of Doctors Hospital of Augusta

3651 Wheeler Road
Augusta, GA 30909

Fast Emergency Care Just Got Faster

In an effort to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the Emergency Room at Doctors Hospital, we have installed two kiosks in our waiting room. How does the ED Kiosk work?

The process is simple and takes just a few easy steps:

  1. Patients will select their preferred language, either English or Spanish.
  2. Patients will check-in by swiping a credit card or driver’s license. Patients who wish to check-in without scanning a card will manually type in their information.
  3. Patients will then enter their reason for visiting the Emergency Department.

Check-ins will be kept in sequential order on an electronic log, ensuring that the arrival date and time are accurately reflected in the patient record. Patients will be taken in order of their arrival—unless their reason for visit warrants accelerated processing.