Linda Griffith’s Story

photo of linda griffith
“Walking pain-free used to be a dream of mine. Now I have a new knee designed specifically for me. I’m back on my feet and enjoying family and work again!”

My doctor and I decided knee replacement surgery was my best option. The ConforMIS knee procedure allowed me to have a custom fitted knee that was designed specifically for me. My surgery was a success. The nurses and entire staff at Doctors were helpful, attentive and courteous. I felt truly cared for.

ConforMIS Knee Surgery Patient

Dr. John Franklin’s Story

photo of Dr. John Franklin
“As a surgeon, my hands are my life. I trusted my colleague and Doctors Hospital to get me back to operating. Quickly.”

I knew I couldn’t ignore the pain my carpal tunnel was causing much longer. As a surgeon, I wanted to be sure I made the best decision possible when having my hand operated on. That’s why I chose my colleague, Dr. J. Wendell Duncan and Doctors Hospital. It was a simple choice: they’re the best in town.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Trish’s Story

“My stay was so exceptional that I would never hesitate to recommend Doctors Hospital to anyone.”

photo of Trish Allen in kitchen baking cookies

Before my surgery I was in constant pain and had to give up the activities that I enjoyed. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t even lean over to pull something out of the oven. In the twelve months leading up to my surgery, I was taking pain medication around the clock in order to function. That all changed because of my surgeon and Doctors Hospital. My stay at Doctors Hospital couldn’t have been better. From the pre-op visit to the wheelchair ride to my car upon discharge, every person I encountered treated me as an individual. They truly seemed to care. The nurses were exceptional, and it was obvious they loved their jobs. Words cannot express the change in my quality of life since my surgery. I can say with confidence that I’m 100% better.

Spinal Fusion Patient

Mike’s Story

“My surgeon and Doctors Hospital got me back into the swing of things quickly and I couldn’t be happier.”

photo of Michael Mosner with wife on the golf course

For several years I had been having lower back and left leg pain that prevented me from working as a Realtor with Meybohm, playing golf or walking any distance. I was directed to my surgeon and after we spoke, I knew surgery was the best option for me.

This was the first time I had any reason to go to Doctors Hospital and I must admit that I was very impressed with the whole operation. The reception staff was there ready to do their job and the medical staff was very professional and answered all our questions. The reception area was clean and comfortable as were the waiting rooms—this is the place I want to be if I ever need another operation!

Thanks to my surgeon and Doctors Hospital, after six weeks I was back on the golf course, showing houses and doing yard work at my house.

Spinal Surgery Patient

Susan’s Story

photo of Susan Adams
“I never thought that at 16 I would need back surgery, thankfully I knew I was in the right hands.”

At 16 years old the last thing I wanted to do was get back surgery. I like to stay active and ride horses but the pain from my scoliosis was becoming so intense that my parents and I knew something had to be done. My spine surgeon said that on a scale of 1 to 50, with 50 being the most severe case possible, my back was a 47. Surgery was the only option, and it’s the best choice I’ve ever made. My family was allowed to be with me every step of the way from the minute we walked into Doctors Hospital until we went home. Now I’m back to riding horses and being a teenager again. I feel like I owe my life and my health to my surgeon, as well as the staff who cared for me at Doctors Hospital.

Scoliosis Surgery Patient

John’s Story

photo of John Dobbs
“My surgeon and Doctors Hospital got me back to doing what I love.”

I love the outdoors and can always be found working in the yard, hunting, fishing, or golfing, so when I was nearly paralyzed after I fell off my ATV, I knew I needed the best care possible. My surgeon recognized the seriousness of my injuries and immediately sent me into surgery. My room at the Joint and Spine Center was beautiful and by far the nicest room I have ever stayed in at a hospital. Within weeks of the surgery, I was walking around again with the help of my walker and the excellent physical rehabilitation services I received. The staff at Doctors Hospital were all wonderful and very caring; I could really feel their compassion for me and my family. Now I’m back to my old self again - hunting, fishing, and riding my ATV.

Neck Fusion Surgery Patient

Jim’s Story

photo of jim garvey

“Doctors Hospital Was My Gateway To Machu Picchu.”

I never thought it was going to be possible to walk comfortably again, but I was wrong. In 1965, while in Toronto, I was in a car accident. I discovered, to my dismay, that my broken leg had healed in a way that left my leg “bowed” in nature. My surgeon and the staff at Doctors Hospital did what they playfully called “a little fancy carpentry work” and were able to replace my knee. I couldn’t believe it, my leg was straight again! From the pre-op educational classes I received at the hospital to my post surgery stay, my entire experience at the Joint and Spine Center was excellent. Now, 40 years after my accident, my leg is straight again and I accomplished my dream of hiking majestic Machu Picchu. I could have never done it without Doctors Hospital.

Total Knee Replacement Patient

Paige’s Story

photo of paige usry and her husband

“My husband, Brad, runs our family business so it was important to us that he had a speedy recovery.”

My husband, Brad, is the owner of Fat Man’s Café so when we found out that he needed his hip resurfaced I knew his first concern would be how long he would be out of work. As a wife, my main concern was having him pain free. After talking with the doctors, we were relieved to know that he wouldn’t need to go through a major hip surgery, rather, just the resurfacing of his, as this would make his recovery time much faster and easier. We were very impressed at how big the private rooms at the Joint and Spine Center at Doctors Hospital were. My surgeon and his staff were extremely instrumental in Brad’s road to recovery. I’m glad to have my husband back to his old self again, free of pain, smiling and continuing to serve more great southern food in Augusta.

Wife of Brady Usry, Hip Resurfacing Patient

Sharry’s Story

photo of sharry allison

“The great experience I had during my first hip surgery at Doctors Hospital caused me to choose them for my second surgery without hesitation.”

I love teaching water aerobics classes and knew I needed to make sure I got back to that as soon as possible. I experienced my first hip replacement in 2007. I was nervous, as most would be. All I new was that I was ready for the pain to end but wasn’t sure what to expect. The staff members at Doctors Hospital were very helpful and knowledgeable when it came to educating me on the surgery I was about to undergo. They answered all of my questions and respected the decisions I made when it came to the medications I wanted to use. Several years later I had surgery on my other hip. My first experience was so great at Doctors Hospital that I knew without hesitation that’s where I wanted to go for my second hip surgery. Thanks to Doctors Hospital, I am living a more active life and helping others stay fit and healthy too.

Total Hip Replacement Patient

Elizabeth’s Story

photo of elizabeth mackie and her husband

“I was tired of seeing my husband in pain all of the time, I’m thankful for Doctors Hospital for giving me my husband back.”

My husband, Michael, loves to walk, but his knee became so painful that he couldn’t. We knew that something had to be done, so when he decided to have a total knee replacement we prayed for an excellent outcome. At Doctors Hospital, that’s exactly what we received. From beginning until end, there was never a doubt in our minds that we picked the right facility. The staff treated us both like members of the family and that helped us stay positive throughout his recovery. Michael is a physical therapist assistant so he knew the journey he had ahead of him. I want to thank Doctors Hospital for healing my husband so that we can walk together again.

Wife of Michael, Total Knee Replacement Patient

Dot’s Story

photo of Dot Elliott

“I was happy to have my husband back. I can’t thank Doctors Hospital enough.”

I didn’t know how much longer I could see my husband, Walter, suffer from his back pain, but I knew that ten years seemed long enough. After his surgery at Doctors Hospital, he was a changed man. The entire experience was very pleasant and the nursing staff was so attentive to him. I know without the help of his surgeon and Doctors Hospital things wouldn’t be what they are now. Thank you for giving me my husband back.

Wife of Spinal Surgery Patient

Destiney’s Story

photo of destiney gaines

“After a year of back pain and searching for a solution, I finally found my surgeon and Doctors Hospital. Now I’m entering my senior year of high school pain free!”

At 16 years old the last thing you want to do is spend a year searching for a doctor to help fix your back pain, but for me that’s exactly what happened. After I fell during a snowboarding trip, I didn’t know I had a cracked vertebra. I’ve been playing tennis since I was eight years old, and as I got older would practice 35 - 40 hours per week. Needless to say, at this intense level of play there was no time for back pain. I saw several doctors, chiropractors and even tried acupuncture, but nothing would make the pain go away. When I found my surgeon, I was so grateful. I was entering into my senior year of high school with a great tennis record and knew I needed to get back into the game fast. With the help of my surgeon and the staff at Doctors Hospital, I returned to school pain free. Now I can get back to doing what I love most, playing tennis!

Spine Surgery Patient

Phyllis’ Story

photo of Phyllis Edmunds

“I was slowly losing my quality of life because of the pain. My surgery has made me feel like a brand new person.”

My quality of life was deteriorating because my neck pain was so severe. It got to the point where I couldn’t even turn my head from side-to-side, making driving nearly impossible for me. I tried several different treatment options including injections and therapy but nothing seemed to help. Making my appointment with my spine surgeon was the best decision I could have made. I went in for surgery and my life has been better ever since. My entire experience at Doctors Hospital was wonderful. I was treated with respect and the nursing staff made sure I was comfortable at all times. I can finally get back to my life, living one that is pain free!

Disk Replacement Patient and former owner of Edmunds Bar-B-Que