Lorena’s Story

photo of the sanchez family

“I wanted a birthing experience tailored to my wishes. Doctors delivered.”

I did my research and knew that “skin-to-skin”, defined as physical contact between the mother’s chest and baby within five minutes after delivery, is what I wanted to do in order to give my baby Esteban, the best start possible. It’s great that I was able to have my wish fulfilled and that my physician, nurses and staff were very supportive of my decision.

Lorena —
Mother of Esteban and first patient to experience a “skin-to-skin” C-section delivery at Doctors Hospital

Erin’s Story

Erin Kirchhoff, Mother of T.J.

“Like most new moms, I wanted to give my baby the best start possible. The lactation consultant at Doctors Hospital supported the choice that was right for my family.”

As a first time mother I didn’t know what to expect, but I loved the idea of the baby friendly care and labor, delivery, postpartum, recovery rooms that Doctors Hospital provided. Each member of the staff was very attentive to my needs and those of my baby, especially Sally Wood, the lactation consultant. She taught my husband and me about the breastfeeding process through the free classes offered at Doctors Hospital and she was there after the pregnancy to help us through each step. Right after T.J. was born, Sally paid a visit to my room to give me a refresher course and to see if I had any questions. After we were home I was thankful for the opportunity to call Sally with questions I had along the way. Thanks to the encouragement and educational tools I received from the staff at Doctors Hospital, I was able to breastfeed right away, helping my little boy become the healthy, happy baby that he is.

Erin —
Mother of T.J. and Breastfeeding First-Time Mom

Abram’s Story

Abram and Bethany Roley

“As a dad-to-be, it was important for me to be involved the entire time.”

As a father, I wanted to be fully involved with the birth of my four children. At Doctors Hospital, they helped me do just that. Doctors provided a wonderful experience for my wife and me during the births of our four children. The staff was very accommodating and kind and made the entire experience very enjoyable. They were quick to answer any questions that I had and fully explained everything they were doing. As a father, that was very important to me. My wife and I would not have chosen any other hospital to deliver our children. I would recommend Doctors Hospital to any father who is new to the birthing process or who wants to have an active role in the process of welcoming their child into the world.

Abram —
Husband of Bethany

Marlo’s Story


“As A New Mom I Was Worried, The Staff At Doctors Eased My Fears.”

My husband and I have visited friends at other hospitals after they have given birth; needless to say, it wasn’t the same experience that we had at Doctors. I loved the fact that my baby would be born in the same room where I was staying; and my baby was right next to me the whole time. We needed that bonding, it was most important during that time! After discovering later in my first pregnancy that I would have to have a cesarean section, I was really nervous about the entire process. When we arrived, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was in good hands at Doctors. The nurses who checked us in were so reassuring about every aspect and explained everything that we would go through that day. I commend the entire Doctors Hospital Women’s Center, they are best I have ever seen.

Marlo —

Gwendolyn’s Story

Gwendolyn with daughter Paislyn

“I Wanted Options. Thankfully, Doctors Hospital Had Them.”

Single-room maternity care. Customized birth plans. Prenatal education. Breastfeeding support. I came to Doctors because they have so many options. I created my own birth plan, and the incredible doctors and nurses were with me every step of the way, supporting my birth and postpartum choices. We stayed in one room from labor until we left the hospital, and the nurses got us started on breastfeeding right after my daughter was born. Doctors is so different from other hospitals — they really care. I’m so thankful I found Doctors Hospital.

Gwendolyn —
Mother of Paislyn

Samantha’s Story

Samantha with son Liam

“This Tiny Achievement Is Also My Greatest.”

I was eight months pregnant and woke up one morning with the worst pain I have ever felt. My husband and I rushed to the emergency room at Doctors Hospital, and the ER staff took me to The Center for Women. The incredible nursing staff there worked quickly to ease my pain and worry. I stayed at Doctors, where I had an emergency C-section. My son Liam was born 4 weeks early, weighing 3 pounds and 10 ounces. The NICU made us their top priority. Thanks to the incredible doctors and nurses at The Center for Women, Liam is alive today. Thank you, Doctors Hospital.

Samantha —
Mother of Liam

Christy’s Story

Christy and Family

“Doctors Is My Hospital Of Choice. I Wouldn’t Go Anywhere Else.”

We’ve had two children at Doctors, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Their single-room maternity care and breastfeeding support truly allowed for an incredibly personal birth experience. They even encouraged time together as a family before starting regular procedures on our newborn. Thanks to Doctors, we shared those first few precious moments after our children were born as a family. This was the case with both deliveries, so we know this is just the way things are done at Doctors. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Christy —

Carolyn’s Story

Carolyn and Family

“They answered ALL my questions.”

From the minute I checked in to Doctors, the nurses and doctors put me at ease, making me comfortable and providing exceptional care. After my baby was born, the staff took the time to help me breastfeed my baby for the first time and continued to answer questions and offer advice. Sally, my lactation consultant, encouraged me to call if I had questions once I left the hospital. Well, I had questions! I called her several times and she was wonderful, even helping me continue breastfeeding after I returned to work. The birthing options and support that Doctors Hospital provides new moms are second to none. I am so thankful to the staff at Doctors for helping make my new job of being a Mommy so much easier!

Carolyn —

Sherry’s Story

Sherry, Mother of Twins, Dylan and Dalton

“Seeing our son in the NICU was a scary time for me and my husband. The care and expertise of the Women’s Center staff helped my little boy stay healthy.”

Every mother wants their babies to be born healthy and without any complications, so when my oldest twin, Dylan, was sent to the NICU because he was hypoglycemic, I was scared. Thankfully, my husband Dee and I knew that the Level II NICU was capable of making sure our little guy received the care that he needed. The staff rose to the occasion to comfort and ease our fears, making sure we were informed of any bit of progress Dylan made. We can’t thank the extraordinary staff at Doctors Hospital enough for getting my little guy happy, healthy and home.

Sherry —
Mother of Twins, Dylan and Dalton

Michelle’s Story

Michelle, Mother of Twins, Lily Claire and Oliver Mason

“Doctors Hospital made me feel safe. I knew my babies and I were in good hands receiving the best possible care.”

The first thing I noticed about my stay at Doctors Hospital’s Women’s Center was that the nursing staff really seemed to care about my babies and me. They made me feel comfortable at a time when I was nervous about having a delivery through caesarean section. There were times when I was in a lot of pain and the nurses put me at ease, teaching me different techniques to make me more comfortable. I trust Doctors Hospital with the care of my family.

Michelle —
Mother of Twins, Lily Claire and Oliver Mason

Shannon’s Story

Shannon, Mother of Twins, Jaylen and Delaney

“I was a first time mother, and both of my babies were in the Level II NICU. I was scared, but the staff treated me like family and helped me through it.”

When I arrived at Doctors Hospital I was immediately welcomed and treated with respect. I knew right then that I was not going to be just a number to the staff. Once my daughter, Delaney, was born, she spent 12 days in the NICU. My son, Jaylen, spent 3 weeks being cared for in the NICU. I was very nervous and afraid to have my two babies spend time apart from me while they were being treated. However, I was reassured that they were being well taken care of and were just spending time getting bigger and healthier so they could come home. I was welcomed to see my babies anytime I wanted to, and as a first time mother, I wanted to know everything that was going on. The nurses and staff took the time to answer all of my questions and to ease all of my fears. I can’t thank The Women’s Center at Doctors enough for helping me through such a hard time. To this day, I still take my babies back to visit with familiar faces! !

Shannon —
Mother of Twins, Jaylen and Delaney

Britney’s Story

Britney, Mother of Twins, Christopher and Nicholas

“Every question I had was answered. I never felt unsure of anything.”

I chose Doctors Hospital because I was born there and grew up hearing about my mother’s positive delivery experience. I just knew it was the right choice for me. The nursing staff was kind and made me feel like one of their own. Commonly with twins, the babies come a little earlier than expected and my boys were no exception. Both had to remain in the NICU even after I had been sent home. That was so hard for me but what made it a little easier was knowing that all of my questions, would be thoroughly answered. I never felt like I didn’t know what was going on. I just knew my boys were in great hands — as a mother you can’t ask for anything more.

Britney —
Mother of Twins, Christopher and Nicholas