Doctors Hospital Palliative Care is focused on the whole person, meeting the needs of patients with serious illness to help support pain and symptom management.

Palliative care may be an option if you are experiencing discomfort, serious illness, or facing complex medical decisions. Palliative care may be especially helpful if you or your loved one:

  • Has cancer, heart failure, AIDS, liver, lung, kidney problems, and/or dementia
  • Has pain, trouble breathing, or other distressing symptoms
  • Is seriously ill and facing questions about the future
  • Has difficult medical decisions to make and wants help thinking them through
  • Desires additional care alongside treatments that are meant to cure

Specialized care includes:

  • Respect for each patient's values and personal choices
  • Assistance and support in making difficult medical decisions
  • Coordination of care and treatment among doctors at all stages of illness
If you have questions regarding Palliative care, ask your nurse or physician.