Joseph M. Still Burn Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can skin from gastroplasty surgery be donated to the Burn Center?
A: No. The donor skin used at the Burn Center is cadaver skin processed through a skin bank.

Q: What do you do about itching at time of discharge?
A: Use Benadryl. Keep the burn lubricated with lotion or Crisco.

Q: When should a person seek treatment in a burn unit instead of a regular hospital?
A: Individuals as well as medical staff should use the American Burn Association guidelines for referral to patients to a burn unit.

View the center's Referral Criteria under Care Professionals in the navigation for more information.

Q: How long is a patient usually in the Burn Center?
A: It varies. The length of stay depends on the percentage of body burned, depth of burn (2nd or 3rd degree) and other medical complications involved (such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.).

Q: Will there be scarring?
A: Most second-degree burns heal with minimal scarring and pigmentation does return. All third degree burns must be grafted with the individual’s own skin, therefore a scar is inevitable.

Q: What can a family do to prepare for the patient’s return home?
A: Discharge planning begins at admission with early identification of discharge needs. A case manager and social worker prepare the family for discharge.

Q: Where can I stay while my loved one is the Burn Center?
A: The Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation Chavis Retreat is available for family members at no cost. For more information about the SFBF, log onto

Q: My loved one does not have medical insurance, what can I do to help them?
A: Trained professional, financial counselors are available at the hospital to assist with possible funding programs.

Q: Do I have to wait for my loved one to make a Social Security disability application?
A: No, you can call 1.800.772.1213 to initiate the application process.

Q: Are there organizations nearby that can receive money wires for burn family members?
A: Yes, please contact the Burn Center social worker, Tom Dorn, for more information at (706) 651-6660

Q: How can I donate blood for my loved one?
A: Contact the Shepherd Community Blood Center, the exclusive blood donation center for the Joseph M. Still Burn Center, at (706) 737-4551.

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Dr. Joseph M. Still (1938-2006), an Augusta, GA surgeon, was a pioneering physician in the area of burn care and treatment and was instrumental in the creation and development of what has become a 70 bed critical care unit at Doctors Hospital of Augusta (“Doctors Hospital”) that is ceremonially named in his honor, i.e. the “Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital of Augusta” (herein the “Hospital Burn Center”). The Hospital Burn Center is dedicated to the care and treatment of patients with burn and related injuries. The Hospital Burn Center is owned and operated as a medical unit or patient wing of Doctors Hospital by Doctors Hospital of Augusta, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company. Doctors Hospital of Augusta only does business in the State of Georgia.

Similarly, a medical practice located in Augusta, GA adjacent to Doctors Hospital also bears Dr. Still’s name and is known as “Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc.” The physicians that practice medicine through this medical practice also service the medical needs of patients treated at the Hospital Burn Center. The medical practice known as “Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc.” is a Georgia for profit corporation having practice locations in not only Augusta, GA, but also in Austell, GA (at Wellstar Cobb Hospital), N. Charleston, SC (at Trident Medical Center), and Brandon, MS (at Crossgates River Oaks Hospital). The physician’s clinical practice locations at these other hospitals, as well as any burn care and treatment provided by any of these other hospitals, is completely unrelated to Doctors Hospital and Doctors Hospital has no interest in these Austell, GA, Charleston, SC and Brandon, MS locations and the clinics, medical practices or burn care treatment that is provided therein. Doctors Hospital does not do business in either South Carolina or Mississippi.

Doctors Hospital of Augusta, LLC. and the Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc. are unrelated legal entities. Doctors Hospital has no legal interest in the ownership and/or operation of the medical practice known as “Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc.” Patients who are treated at the Hospital Burn Center in Augusta, GA will receive a bill for hospital services from Doctors Hospital of Augusta and, if treated by the physicians that practice through Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc., a separate bill from Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc., the physicians’ practice.


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