Joseph M. Still Burn Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can skin from gastroplasty surgery be donated to the Burn Center?
A: No. The donor skin used at the Burn Center is cadaver skin processed through a skin bank.

Q: What do you do about itching at time of discharge?
A: Use Benadryl. Keep the burn lubricated with lotion or Crisco.

Q: When should a person seek treatment in a burn unit instead of a regular hospital?
A: Individuals as well as medical staff should use the American Burn Association guidelines for referral to patients to a burn unit.

View the center's Referral Criteria under Care Professionals in the navigation for more information.

Q: How long is a patient usually in the Burn Center?
A: It varies. The length of stay depends on the percentage of body burned, depth of burn (2nd or 3rd degree) and other medical complications involved (such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.).

Q: Will there be scarring?
A: Most second-degree burns heal with minimal scarring and pigmentation does return. All third degree burns must be grafted with the individual’s own skin, therefore a scar is inevitable.

Q: What can a family do to prepare for the patient’s return home?
A: Discharge planning begins at admission with early identification of discharge needs. A case manager and social worker prepare the family for discharge.

Q: Where can I stay while my loved one is the Burn Center?
A: The Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation Chavis Retreat is available for family members at no cost. For more information about the SFBF, log onto

Q: My loved one does not have medical insurance, what can I do to help them?
A: Trained professional, financial counselors are available at the hospital to assist with possible funding programs.

Q: Do I have to wait for my loved one to make a Social Security disability application?
A: No, you can call 1.800.772.1213 to initiate the application process.

Q: Are there organizations nearby that can receive money wires for burn family members?
A: Yes, please contact the Burn Center social worker, Tom Dorn, for more information at (706) 651-6660

Q: How can I donate blood for my loved one?
A: Contact the Shepherd Community Blood Center, the exclusive blood donation center for the Joseph M. Still Burn Center, at (706) 737-4551.

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