Joseph M. Still, Jr., MD

Husband, father, physician, pioneer, friend

Joseph M. Still, Jr., MD
Founder of the Joseph M. Still
Burn Center at Doctors Hospital

Joseph M. Still, Jr., MD dedicated his professional life to improvements in the treatment of burn patients. As founder of the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, he teamed up with Doctors Hospital in 1978 to build one of the world’s leading treatment facilities for burn victims.

Dr. Still founded the Burn Foundation of America, formerly known as Southeastern Firefighters’ Burn Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to helping burn patients and their families with non-medical necessities. The foundation operates the Jeffery Vaden Chavis House, a long-time dream of Dr. Still’s, which is a place for people to stay while their family members are in the burn center.

Joseph M. Still, Jr., MD, in surgery

Leadership was a way of life for Dr. Still. At 13 years old, he became an Eagle Scout, and numerous honors and achievements led to his nomination as one of the “Outstanding Young Men in America.” A Charlotte, NC native, Dr. Still attended Shorter College in Rome, GA, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology and chemistry. He earned his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia in 1965 and completed his residencies at Duke University in 1973. Education was important to Dr. Still. He not only encouraged others to further their education, but he also financially supported their efforts.

Dr. Still and his wife, Sue, have 10 children and 26 grandchildren. They enjoyed traveling the world together, including taking annual trips with their children. They also shared a love for animals. They expressed that love through the care of more than 1,000 exotic birds.

Dr. Still was a giant of a man, with a heart to match his size. He was a visionary, seeing the bigger picture that most could not see. Determined, generous, compassionate, hard-working, risk-taking and problem-solving only begin to describe this friend and family man who affected the lives of thousands—and was loved by just as many.


Dr. Joseph M. Still (1938-2006), an Augusta, GA surgeon, was a pioneering physician in the area of burn care and treatment and was instrumental in the creation and development of what has become a 90-bed critical care unit at Doctors Hospital of Augusta (“Doctors Hospital”) that is ceremonially named in his honor, i.e. the “Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital of Augusta” (herein the “Hospital Burn Center”). The Hospital Burn Center is dedicated to the care and treatment of patients with burn and related injuries. The Hospital Burn Center is owned and operated as a medical unit or patient wing of Doctors Hospital by Doctors Hospital of Augusta, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company. Doctors Hospital of Augusta only does business in the State of Georgia.

Similarly, a medical practice located in Augusta, GA adjacent to Doctors Hospital also bears Dr. Still’s name and is known as “Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc.” The physicians that practice medicine through this medical practice also service the medical needs of patients treated at the Hospital Burn Center. The medical practice known as “Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc.” is a Georgia for profit corporation having practice locations in not only Augusta, GA but also in Austell, GA (at Wellstar Cobb Hospital), N. Charleston, SC (at Trident Medical Center) and Brandon, MS (at Crossgates River Oaks Hospital). The physician’s clinical practice locations at these other hospitals, as well as any burn care and treatment provided by any of these other hospitals, is completely unrelated to Doctors Hospital. Doctors Hospital has no interest in these Austell, GA, Charleston, SC and Brandon, MS locations and the clinics, medical practices or burn care treatment that is provided therein. Doctors Hospital does not do business in either South Carolina or Mississippi.

Doctors Hospital of Augusta, LLC. and the Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc. are unrelated legal entities. Doctors Hospital has no legal interest in the ownership and/or operation of the medical practice known as “Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc.” Patients who are treated at the Hospital Burn Center in Augusta, GA will receive a bill for hospital services from Doctors Hospital of Augusta and, if treated by the physicians that practice through Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc., a separate bill from Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc., the physicians’ practice.