At Doctors Hospital, our success depends on our people. As such, we are committed to maintaining a healthy work environment for all employees and we have accepted the responsibility of open and honest communication. You already have management’s commitment to guiding principles around culture, leadership, voice, compensation and rewards, and staffing. To further that, we have maintained an open-door policy, both informal and formal, that enables any employee access to anyone in management, from the first-line supervisor to the CEO.

We feel strongly the long-term interests of all our employees are best served by maintaining our current healthy work environment. No employee should have to give up his/her individual voice or deal with management through a third party union representative. Most importantly, employees should make an informed decision prior to signing any union authorization card or petition. The existence of a third party would undoubtedly change the relationship we currently have of dealing directly with one another. We should not compromise the environment we have worked so hard to create.

HCA hrAnswers

HCA hrAnswers offers employees self-service features through an online portal, and live help from an HCA HR employee when needed 24/7/365, at work, from home, even mobile. It creates a single point of access for the varied HR policies, programs and tools you need, with information specific to you. To reach HR Answers by phone dial (844) HR-ANSWR (844) 472-6797) or on the web at HCA hrAnswers.

Additional Staff Resources

HCA Benefits and Healthy Work Environment

Learn about HCA’s benefits and our healthy work environment»

Electronic Pay Stub (e-stub)

Keep track of your wages and PTO from this helpful website. You can get information 24/7 and paystubs are posted on the Thursday before payday. Online Wage Statements

Good Government

The Good Government Group is a grassroots employee organization, made up of HCA staff and we welcome the participation of our friends, family, physicians and volunteers in helping to improve healthcare. GGG provides a unique way for all our staff to become informed, involved, and politically active.

Good Government Group

HCA Hope Fund

The HCA Hope Fund is an employee-run, employee-supported 501(c)3 charity. The goal of the HCA Hope Fund is simple: to help HCA employees and their immediate families who are affected by hardship. This includes disasters, extended illness/injury and other special situations. The fund provides emergency information, referrals and/or financial aid. HCA employees, vendors, affiliated physicians and the general public can make tax-deductible donations to the fund. HCA Hope Fund

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Facility Scheduler

Access your schedule, request time off and/or check your KRONOS time from the Facility Scheduler website, 24/7. Schedules are posted two weeks prior to the beginning of the next schedule cycle. To login, use your 3-4 ID and password created for the Facility Scheduler website. In order to access the scheduler, your computer must use Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher.

Employment Verification

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