Doctors Hospital proudly announces that two of its esteemed OB/GYN surgeons, Mark Gresham, MD, and Rafael E. Jordan, MD, have each successfully completed their 1,000th minimally invasive robotic surgery procedure. This significant achievement highlights their exceptional skill, dedication, and commitment to providing cutting-edge healthcare to our community. Doctors Hospital has performed more than 8,400 minimally invasive robotic surgeries overall since starting the program in 2008, with 3,300 of those being OB/GYN procedures.

OB/GYN was the first subspecialty to adopt minimally invasive surgery at Doctors Hospital.  Minimally invasive robotic surgery has revolutionized the field of surgical interventions, and the accomplishments of Mark Gresham, MD, and Rafael E. Jordan, MD, are a testament to the transformative impact it has on patient care. Through the use of advanced robotic technology, they have consistently delivered remarkable outcomes while ensuring patient safety and satisfaction.  

“Dr. Mark Gresham and Dr. Rafael Jordan’s remarkable milestone of 1,000 minimally invasive robotic surgeries showcases their exceptional expertise and commitment to advancing healthcare focused on patient safety,” said Joanna Conley, FACHE, chief executive officer at Doctors Hospital. “We are dedicated to ensuring our patients have convenient access to cutting edge, high-quality care close to home. Our state-of-the-art surgical system allows us to perform a wide range of gynecological, urological, and general surgery procedures that have tremendous benefits to a patient’s recovery and return to normal daily activities.”

Minimally invasive robotic surgery offers numerous advantages over traditional surgical approaches. The utilization of robotic surgery allows for enhanced precision, dexterity and control during procedures. The smaller incision used in these procedures, facilitated by the precision of robotic instruments, significantly reduces the risk of surgical site infections compared to traditional open surgery. Minimally invasive robotic surgery allows patients to return home the same day in most cases. This aspect contributes to a much faster recovery time and fewer complications, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.