Augusta, GA – Doctors Hospital is one of a small number of hospitals in the US to earn accreditation in radiation oncology by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Radiation oncology is the careful use of high–energy radiation to treat cancer. A radiation oncologist may use radiation to cure cancer or to relieve a cancer patient’s pain.

“This is an important achievement for our physicians and staff members,” said Doctors Hospital President and CEO Doug Welch. “It validates that the care that patients receive in the radiation center follows high quality standards.”

The ACR is the nation’s oldest and most widely accepted radiation oncology accrediting body, with over 500 accredited sites. The ACR seal of accreditation represents the highest level of quality and patient safety. It is awarded only to facilities meeting specific Practice Guidelines and Technical Standards. Patient care and treatment, patient safety, personnel qualifications, adequacy of facility equipment, quality control procedures, and quality assurance programs are assessed.

“Achieving ACR accreditation allows radiation oncology facilities to demonstrate to their patients, communities and referring physicians that they are committed to providing the highest quality care. The ACR program, and the trust and recognition it has earned, is rock solid,” said Albert L. Blumberg, MD, FACR, chair of the ACR Commission on Radiation Oncology.