Augusta, GA – Patients having surgical procedures at Doctors Hospital now have one more way to keep family and friends updated on their progress with a newly introduced internet-based service called SurgiTrak.

SurgiTrak is a method of sending updates to family members and friends on a patient’s status as he or she moves through pre-op to surgery to recovery. The updates are sent via text message or email to a mobile device, including a smartphone, tablet, or any other computer or laptop with an internet connection. This service allows family and friends to get information, no matter where they are located. For family members and friends who are waiting at the hospital, SurgiTrak gives them the freedom to leave the waiting area without the worry of missing important updates on the patient’s progress.

“SurgiTrak further enhances our communication with patients and their families, and is one more way for us to improve the patient experience,” said Karen Smith, Chief Nursing Officer.

With the patient’s permission, a SurgiTrak invitation is emailed within a week of surgery. The email provides a link to an enrollment form where the patient can then enter the mobile phone numbers or email addresses of friends and family who should get updates during surgery.

The information in the update is HIPAA compliant, protecting the patient’s privacy. The updates will not include names or the type of procedure that is being performed. Surgery status, such as “patient in pre-op” or “patient in operating room” or “patient out of recovery,” is the type of information conveyed through SurgiTrak.