Research has shown that individuals fighting cancer can achieve several benefits from exercise:

  • Exercise reduces fatigue and helps you feel stronger and more capable overall.
  • Exercise can help reduce sleep problems.
  • People with cancer who are active have lower levels of anxiety and a feeling of more control over their life.
  • Exercise helps you maintain your body weight, which reduces risk for recurrence.

The key is to gradually progress to moderate exercise and pay attention to how your body feels when you are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy.

Carefully monitored exercise may be beneficial to cancer patients by reducing fatigue and improving quality of life. For some individuals, special instruction is needed from a licensed physical or occupational therapist in order to regain full function after surgery or other cancer treatments. The outpatient rehabilitation staff at Doctors Hospital Rehab Health Centers will evaluate you and develop a personalized exercise program to help you return to normal activity.

The Lymphedema Center

Conveniently located in the heart of Augusta and away form downtown traffic, the Center is a solution for many area lymphedema patients. Staffed with a certified lymphedema specialist, we have the knowledge and resources available to meet your needs.

Doctors Hospital Lymphedema Center
Medical Office Building II
3624 J Dewey Gray Cir, Suite 302
Augusta, GA 30909

To speak with our lymphedema specialist, call (706) 651-2270 or go to Rehab Health Centers to learn more.