Physical Rehabilitation Center

The road to recovery starts here

An amputation. A neurological disorder. A severe burn. Each makes a significant impact on an individual’s life, creating both physical and emotional changes. At Doctors Hospital, the Physical Rehabilitation Center’s role is to evaluate and treat patients who have experienced such life changes. We work hard to do this—almost as hard as our patients. Our patients quickly learn that inpatient rehab isn’t something we do for them; it’s a participative process that we do with them. We even get their family members involved.

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The Patients We Serve

We serve a diverse group of people in our inpatient rehab facility. Patients admitted to the center have experienced a loss of function from an injury, surgical procedure or medical condition, including the following:

  • Stroke Spinal Cord or Back Injury
  • Joint Replacement
  • Hip Fracture
  • Amputation Rehabilitation for Burn Injury
  • Other severe disabling conditions
  • Neurological disorders
  • Multiple traumas

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A Team Approach

Our inpatient rehab services are structured around a team approach to rehabilitation. Close and constant communication between a team of rehabilitation professionals is essential to what we do. These coordinated efforts help each patient achieve goals through an individualized treatment plan. The staff’s expertise includes specialized training in rehabilitation medicine and rehabilitation nursing, along with physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work and psychology.

The Rehabilitation Process

The Center is equipped with a wide variety of resources to aid in the inpatient rehab process. Therapists have access to a full range of treatment options including therapeutic exercise, electrical muscle stimulation, hot/cold packs, ultrasound, and neuromuscular education. Other hospital resources are available, as needed, for patients requiring specialized care.

Patients spend three hours per day in therapy sessions to master the skills they need to restore specific functions or to adapt to particular limitations. While each patient’s needs vary, our objective for all patients is to restore as much of their independence as possible. For some people, that means learning to walk again or to walk with a prosthesis. For others, it may be overcoming difficulties in speaking or swallowing. We provide instruction on self-care skills, such as bathing, grooming, and dressing, and introduce adaptive equipment when appropriate.

During the rest of their day, the Inpatient Rehab Nursing staff reinforces the lessons learned in therapy, while helping patients manage their medical needs....An important component of a safe return home. Our entire staff works with patients on improving balance, coordination, strength, endurance, and their overall medical well-being. They help patients who need assistance in making the psychological adjustment to a disability, enjoying leisure time activities, and enhancing job-seeking skills. To sum it up, everything we do every day contributes to a patient’s ability to live an independent and satisfying life.

The Area’s Only CARF Accredited Inpatient Rehab Facility


The Physical Rehabilitation Center welcomes referrals from physicians, social workers, family members, insurance representatives, case managers, and patients. Usually the referral process is initiated by a written order from the patient’s physician.

To be eligible for admission to inpatient rehab, an individual must be evaluated and found to be:

  • Medically stable with a need for close medical supervision
  • Needing at least two forms of therapy
  • Having the potential to improve function or achieve independence
  • Having an identified place to go after discharge
  • Be willing, along with family members, to participate with the team in the rehabilitation process.

Accredited by The Joint Commission for Specialty Stroke Rehabilitation

Inpatient rehab is covered by Medicare, Workers Compensation and most insurance carriers. Our staff will assist with verification of benefits and necessary pre-certifications as may be required by specific plans.

To make a referral, call (706) 651-6160.